About Nom Nom Nelly

I am a calorie counting, foodaholic who loves to cook healthy meals.

I’m no writer but love to share my passion for food and the fact that healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring! Here I plan to share a collection of the recipes I love and some new ones I’m trying.

Most of the recipes on this blog will belong to someone else however I may alter them slightly such as reducing oil content etc to make it a lighter option.

My personal daily maintenance calorie allowance at present is 1775 calories not including exercise, I am at the top of my target weight bracket so I am still hoping to lose a few lbs so try to stay below this.

However for me this is a lifestyle choice, not a diet! I eat a balanced diet and some of the tastiest meals ever since starting this journey 2 years ago without having to avoid any particular food groups or social plans.

Of course it is also important to stay active as well as keeping your diet healthy. Find something fun for you, be it running, swimming, boxing etc and get that heart rate pumping to keep it healthy!

There’s no day like today to make a change!

Nom nom Nelly X

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2 thoughts on “About Nom Nom Nelly

  1. You have a blog! How did I not know this?! Well done cariad, you are such a lovely inspiration to us struggling stragglers and so very kind and supportive. Plus the food looks amaze balls as always xxx

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