Chilli and lime glazed salmon with mango salsa (Serves 2) Cals 350pp

This was one of the first dishes I tried with salmon and its been a repeat over the last year or two.

20140616-085928 pm-75568336.jpg

2 salmon fillets (About 150g each)
1tbsp light brown soft sugar
1tsp hot chilli powder
2 limes
1tbsp ginger paste
100g fresh mango, diced
1 small red onion, diced
80g cucumber, diced
1 red chilli pepper, deseeded and diced
Coriander to serve

1. Mix the brown sugar, chilli powder, 1 of the limes zest and juice with the ginger paste. This should create a paste like consistency.

2. Preheat your grill to medium high and place your salmon fillets on some tin foil on the grill tray. Divide the lime mix between the 2 fillets. And place under the grill. You will want to grill these for 8-10 minutes until the glaze starts to bubble go sticky and the salmon is cooked through and flakey

3. Meanwhile mix your mango, red onion, cucumber and red chilli in a bowl and squirt with half the remaining lime then season.

Serve your salmon with the salsa and an extra wedge of lime

Nutrition per portion*
Calories 350
Protein 32g
Carbohydrate 15g
Fat 18g
Fibre 2g

The salmon and the salsa both go well separately with other dishes, although they are amazing together! Nom! X

*Please remember that nutritional information stated in these recipes depend on weights and actual products used so yours may vary.
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