Sausage and prawn jambalaya (Serves 2) Cals 630pp – BBC Good Food

I tried this recipe for the first time today after the other half bought 3 packs of gourmet sausages from Greenwich Market a few weeks ago. This week I am cooking with the Creole sausages and found this yummy looking recipe on BBC Good Food.

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The original recipe is for 4 portions but I have adapted as I am only making for 2 of us so it is easily doubled.

.5tbsp vegetable oil
3 high quality sausages (Creole flavoured if possible)
140g raw king prawns, deveined
1 small onion, chopped (90g)
1 small red pepper, chopped (100g)
1 celery stick, chopped (40g)
1 red chilli, chopped
2 garlic cloves, crushed
.5tbsp sweet smoked paprika
125g rice (I used brown basmati with red Camargue and wild rice)
.5 tin of chopped tomatoes with garlic
1 reduced salt chicken stock cube mixed with 300ml boiling water

1. If your rice is not quick cook start to part boil this straight away in a small saucepan. If it is you can skip straight to frying your sausages in a non stick frying pan until golden all over.

2. In a deep pan or pot heat the oil and add the onions, celery and chilli. Cook for about 5 minutes until soft before adding the pepper, garlic and paprika and cook for a few minutes more.

3. Stir through the rice, mixing to coat the grains with the seasoning. Tip in the tomatoes and enough stock to cover the rice. Bring to the boil and simmer for 10-15 minutes adding any additional stock if needed.

4. With 5 minutes to go for the rice slice the browned sausages and add to the pan. Cover and cook until the sausages are cooked and the rice is tender before stirring through the prawns. The dish is ready when the prawns are pink and ‘C’ shaped.

Serve straight away

Nutrition per portion*
Calories 630
Protein 34g
Carbohydrate 64g
Fat 25g
Fibre 7g

I don’t have the nutritional information for these sausages so I have had to go with info from something similar.

Other half is a massive sausage lover and He was really impressed with this dish! Result! I did really enjoy too and will happily make again. Nom! X

*Please remember that nutritional information stated in these recipes depend on weights and actual products used so yours may vary.

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20140513-081715 pm.jpg


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