Nelly’s chunky bacon, bean and pasta soup (serves 4) Cals 340pp

Now this is comfort food at its best, its great on a winter’s day and any other day of the year if I’m completely honest lol! Filling and flavoursome with nutritious vegetables and pulses, what more could you ask for? Oh yeah BACON!!!!

20140513-122343 pm.jpg

1tsp olive oil
3 carrots, chopped into small pieces (200g)
2 leeks, chopped into small pieces (150g)
2 celery sticks, thinly sliced (80g)
250g smokey bacon medallions, chopped into small pieces
2 reduced salt vegetable stock cubes, made into 1ltr stock
100g whole wheat pasta (I use fusilli)
2tbsp tomato purée
1 tin of mixed beans in tomato sauce

1. Heat oil in a large pan, add vegetables and cook for 5 minutes before adding the bacon and cooking for a further 10 minutes.

2. Add the stock and purée and mix well before bringing to the boil. Add the pasta and simmer for 10 minutes.

3. Add the mixed beans bring back to the boil and continue to simmer until the pasta is cooked and veg softened.

I will normally leave this over night for flavours to mingle and the veg to soften a little more.

Nutrition per portion*
Calories 340
Protein 29g
Carbohydrate 40g
Fat 6g
Fibre 10g

This is def a winning dish if you are a pork eater! Nom! X

*Please remember that nutritional information stated in these recipes depend on weights and actual products used so yours may vary.

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20140513-083424 am.jpg


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